NA3HL Plays of the week- Justin Sill makes #3

OCTOBER 18, 2017

The North American 3 Hockey League is pleased to continue an exciting format for the weekly Plays of the Week segment.
It is called, the NA3HL Plays of the Week
With so many clips and plays coming in, the league now features the best plays in a top 5 format each week.
Clips and plays that are considered must be nominated. 
But, here is the best part!  We also let you the fans of the NA3HL chime in as well.  If you would like to nominate a goal, save or any other play for the Plays of the Week, all you have to do is send us an email.  Simply tell us which play you think should be considered, the team, the player and we will give it a look. It is that easy!
Some of the goals in the plays of the week this week leave us with mouths wide open as NA3HL players snipe and dangle their way to the back of the net!
This week’s Top 5:
#5 – Brandon Bissett, Braden Altena, Brandon Baker – Granite City Lumberjacks
#4 – Tyler Webb, Jeffery Gratz, Nick Panfen – Maine Wild
#3 – Justin Sill, Brendon Ashley, Noah Pipper – Lansing Wolves
#2 – Misha Akatnov – Missoula Jr. Bruins
#1 – Andrew Logar – Niagara Falls PowerHawks